Marion is a railway steam shovel from The Island of Sodor.


Marion is very enthusiastic and is happy to share her knowledge, and her love of digging, to the other engines. She is very talkative which can get on other engines' nerves.

Despite her enthusiastic demeanour, she can also be a pretty level headed mother figure to Bill and Ben.

Technical Details


Marion is based on a rail mounted Marion Model 40 Revolving Steam Shovel. However, unlike Marion, the actual steam shovels were not self-propelled. Many of these steam shovel types were used in the construction of the Panama Canal, with some of them still in place at the bottom of portions of the canals and reservoir that provide water to the canal and locks.

The only remaining steam shovel is a Model 91, which was taken out of service in 1949. It resides in Le Roy, New York, USA on caterpillar treads.


Marion is painted orange and light brown with yellow lining. She has her name painted on her sides in yellow.


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