Logan is a shunting engine who works at Gridinia Bay Coal Co.


Logan is a rough and tumble, strong little shunter. He is very friendly and hardworking.

Technical Details


Logan is based on a Radstock Sentinel Shunter. These were two small vertical-boilered, chain-driven steam locomotives used for shunting coal wagons on the colliery branchlines around Radstock. They were scrapped in 1959 and 1961 respectively. He carries the number of the larger Two-Engined Sentinel No. 7109 "Joyce", which is preserved. Unlike either of his bases, however, Logan has a funnel in his illustrations and on his CGI model.


Logan is painted deep blue and yellow with black hazard stripes on his bufferbeam. The number "7109" is painted on the blue half of his cab in yellow.

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