Lofty is a mobile crane who works for the Crotoonian Construction Company.


The nervous worrywart of the Crotoonian Construction Company, Lofty is a mobile crane with a hook-load of shyness and a scientific way of thinking. He has the distinction of being able to be fitted with various attachments for special jobs, like a grabber claw, a wrecking ball, a deep-digger drill, and a magnet.

Technical Details


Lofty appears to be based on a TATRA 815-CKD AD-28 mobile crane.


Lofty is dark blue with a light blue bumper and a black hook.


  • Lofty's design in Crotoonia is a hybrid of his appearance in the original 'Bob the Builder' series and the reboot.¬†Lofty has his original body but a hybrid arm and a mouth like the reboot.
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