Livi is a shunting engine who works at McCrakenton Freight Depot.


Livi is the shunting locomotive of McCrakenton Freight Depot, located just near a small town by the hills. Being the head of a smaller goods station compared to Celgreb City and Fausten (and being among the rougher engines in her training yard in the US) has lead to her feeling very insecure and bullish about her place on the railway. Livi runs the yard with an iron coupler and looks out for herself when it comes to helping other engines. There is a drop or two of friendliness to Livi; you'll just have to go a bit deeper into her tanks to find it.

Technical Details


Livi is based on a Baltimore & Ohio 0-4-0T prototype.


Livi is dark grey with a dark red saddle tank. A red nameplate is on said saddle tank with golden lettering. She sports a dark blue lamp cap with a yellow bulb. She has dark blue hair and lips. She has orange lettering on her buffer beam saying 'M.F.C.'.



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