Lady is a shunting engine who shunts trucks at the BaseLine Quarry.


Lady is described as a magical engine... in more ways than one! Legend has it that she has powers only engines could dream off. But for most of the time, she's just a beautifully-built tank engine working at the quarry. Lady is known by many of her fellow engines for her wisdom and mystical spirit. She speaks and works in a rather calm manner, and gives off a very mysterious vibe when all is put together. When an engine has nowhere else to turn to in a situation, Lady is there to guide them back onto the right track.

Technical Details


Lady appears to be a freelance design, with no real known locomotive prototype. However, her design does bare some resemblance to the GWR 101 Class, and the 3½ gauge LBSC Tich 0-4-0 side tank locomotive, as well as the Liverpool Overhead Railway "Lively Polly".


Lady is painted red-purple with gold head lamps on her front footplate, tail lamp, gold buffers, smokebox, funnel top, dome, whistle, side rods, lining and her name on each side in gold. She is also painted a very dark purple on her cab roof, lower funnel section and her footplate.



  • In the original Thomas series, Lady was a literal magical engine who's responsible for connecting Thomas and Mr Conductor's universes together in the movie 'Thomas and the Magic Railroad'. It has been decided by Milan Prsa that Magic Railroad will not be canon in the Crotoonia universe. Her origins are given a slight nod, however, as she is rumored to have magical powers due to the air of mystery surrounding her.
  • Before the Summer Holiday music video, Lady had a 2D promo for her face, however from that music video onwards, her face was drawn.
    • Later, she received a new model with a 3D face.
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