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Lachlan Vincent (known as Lachie V or thomasfan101 on Youtube) is a voice actor, animator and writer for The Railways of Crotoonia. He created Crotoonia Conversations.

Voice Work

He voices Farnsworth, Percy, Homestar Runner, Strong Bad, T. Jerry, Toby and Muck.


He is head of Freakin' Duck Productions which mostly does 2D animation for Crotoonia. This includes animating the characters from 'Mr Men and Little Misses' in a style similar to the Mr Men cartoons as well as Sir Allen Featherington. He is also the head artist for the Railways of Crotoonia Comic Strip.

As of early 2018, he got MikuMikuDance and plans to help animate some of the 3D segments once he gets the hang of it.


Lachie has helped with the writing on several occasions.


  • He's a huge fan of Harvey Beaks and has suggested the series to be canon in Crotoonia (it's unlikely the characters will show up but they're considered canon).
  • Since joining the crew, Lachie has made several suggestions for songs to be made into Crotoonian music videos (none of which have been made a reality thus far).
  • Being a fan of The Wiggles, Lachie is also a backup singer and voice of Captain Feathersword in the YouTube/Roblox Wiggles tribute group, WiggleMania.
  • Lachie is currently thinking of redoing his profile photo.


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