Kristabelle and Kristalynn are a pair of tower cranes that work at the Bluthsburg Steelworks. They will appear in a future project.


Two tower cranes based at the works, Kristabelle and Kristalynn have immensely important jobs at the busy Steelworks yards! Kristabelle shifts cargo to and from the barges and ferries that arrive in the wharf, while Krystalynn carries out steel and slag shifting near the main building (sometimes taking care of slag shovelling for Leonard in certain areas). While Krystalynn prefers to keep quiet, never budge in, and stick to working in her corner of the Steelworks yard (never taking much notice of the antics of either duo down below both working areas of the Steelworks), Kristabelle is outgoing and impressionable. She loves to make friends with whoever new comes to the steelworks, and loves to assist as much as she can! She does have a tendency to overload herself sometimes, leading to some high-in-the-sky burnout!


  • As of this time, two generic tower crane models are in the place of their locations.


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