King K. Rool, or just simply K. Rool for short, is the king of the Kremling clan & the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong Country series.


A big, burly crocodile, King K. Rool is the egocentric head of K. Rool Enterprises, one of the largest shipping companies of the whole country. With offices in Crotoonia AND the U.S., he keeps an iron fist on his company's activities and expects everything to go to plan. What the B.U.R. Team lacks in business, King K. Rool has in tenfold.

Unfortunately, K. Rool is quite orderly as he is malicious for a majority of the time, and his megalomaniac ways of trying to expand the company land him into more trouble than he expected. But if K. Rool is after your company at its lowest...then it may be your company's last hope.

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