Kevin is a young mobile crane from The Island Of Sodor.


Kevin works at Kahlville Works with Victor, Doc and Mary. He carries engine parts and other bits and pieces of machinery for the workmen. He has a child like innocent spirit to him and loves to play games whenever he has the time but while working, he can be a bit clumsy. He is known to fall on one side, drop some cargo and go too fast. But with the older Works engines to help him, he can get out of a jam and learn for next time.

Technical Details


Kevin is based on a 4 wheel Ransomes & Rapier 6 ton crane with an added enclosed cab. Just like Kevin, these cranes were known to be clumsy and cumbersome.


Kevin is painted in a yellow livery with black and light yellow warning stripes on his front. His hook and brake are red. He has the Sodor Steamworks logo painted on his cab door.

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