Jones the Steam is Ivor's driver. He first appeared in Tillie to the Rescue.


He is a cheerful and kind-hearted man who understands engines feelings more than most railway staff. He is there to cope with whatever needs to be coped with". Back in Wales, people found him rather eccentric for talking to his engine, Ivor so safe to say he feels more at home in Crotoonia, which is why Ivor's now a member of the Fantasyland and Fairytale fleet. Jones has worked with Ivor for so long that he can translate Ivor's whistles.




Jones the Steam was first heard starting Ivor off when Mrs C. Ella announced that Tillie and Ivor would take the Fairytale Arrow.


  • He was going to have a model in Tillie to the Rescue made by Soeren, but Milan Prsa thought it was 'a bit too much like anime' and he didn't have enough time to have him in another animation style.


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