Johnny is a tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


The trustworthy engine of the famous "Brave Engineer" of the Old Western Line on the neighboring railway far from Crotoonia. When originally working as Illinois Central's No. 2, Johnny and his engineer Casey Jones had been caught in a nasty accident when taking the mail that was exactly eight hours late. However, after the accident, Johnny was brought to the Works in Crotoonia shortly after his accident to be rebuilt, and Casey Jones made it out a little beat up. Nowadays, renumbered as Crooonia Co:'s No 18, he runs the Mainline and Mainland run for the Crotoonian Mail Co., although Casey is known to try and take risks that Johnny would be hesitant of after his dreadful accident! Regardless, Johnny is very kind hearted, and works his hardest through rain or shine with the Crotoonian Mail!

Technical Details


Unlike the original real life counter part No. 382, a Rogers-built 4-6-0 Ten Wheeler, Johnny's overall design was based on common 4-4-0 locomotives with diamond smokestacks owned by Central Pacific, the closest one in similarity being Sonoma, also known as Central Pacific No. 173, which itself served as the basis for the Lilly Belle on Walt Disney's Carolwood Pacific Railroad as well as the C.K. Holliday on the Disneyland Railroad.


Johnny's cowcatcher, cab, buffer beam and headlamp and wheels are bright red, his tender and smokestack are bright light- and dark green and his boiler is dark blue. He has a baby blue face and pistons. His dome is red and yellow and his piston rods are yellow.


  • Johnny and his driver Casey Jones originated from the 1950 Walt Disney cartoon The Brave Engineer. Johnny was originally nameless and faceless in said cartoon.


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