Jebediah is an older engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


Old and wise, Jebediah would love to help out other engines with their bigger jobs. But his chug "just ain't what it used to be!" And going over the steeper lines is too much for him these days. Despite this, he always works hard pulling the milk trains down the Branch Lines of Crotoonia, making sure the towns get fresh milk from the local farms in the morning. He can be rather tired in the morning, and tends to snore quite a bit in the Kahlville roundhouse! He loves a good chat with Old Puffer Pete and Toby, and loves to pass down his immense knowledge of Crotoonian lines, old and new, running and closed, to the younger engines.

Technical Details


Jebediah appears to be based on the American locomotive T. D. Judah rebuilt as a 4-2-2.



Jebediah has a light yellow finnel and a yellow body with a brown smokebox door and rim to the funnel. His cowcatcher is dark grey.



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