Jason is an elderly tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


Jason is kindly, rough and ready, and Jebediah's old friend. A former worker of the old Inkblotia Money and Coin Co. Factory until it closed down in the 1930's, he's now working at the Din Y. Dee Gold Mine Transfer Yard on the outskirts of Cliffstone with Fearless Freddie running the narrow gauge branch to and from the mine, transporting gold ore to the Gold Smelters in Rotoslopia. But he still helps his old friend Jebediah with the Milk Train, and also takes passengers, mainly through the Cliffstone branch lines. He and Freddie keep things running smoothly along these mountain tracks, However, Jason can come off as a daredevil grandpa sometimes.

Technical Details


Jason is of a freelance design, he's not based on a specific prototype.


Jason is painted pine green with a red and yellow nameplate and gold lettering on the tender.


  • Jason orignated from a classic Ducktales episode.
  • Jason was originally a Yukon engine.
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