This article features MAJOR spoilers for a recently-released or soon-to-be released product. Caution is advised.

Jacob Pneumatic is an electric transit engine. He will appear in the Season 2 premiere.


Jacob Pneumatic was purchased by the F.& F. R. W. T. Co. Ltd and converted to work on Celgreb City Transit Railway taking passengers around Celgreb City. While he works hard, he can be a little pompous about being the only engine to run the special line, and tends to be a little arrogant. Despite being a bit self-entitled, he will work hard to get passengers to the stations on time, and it does take a lot to get under his motor. He has a bit of a friendly rivalry with Emery, and has a bit of a dislike towards his snowplow, more so than Thomas did!

Technical Details


Jacob Pneumatic is of a freelance design. Therefore, he is not based on a specific prototype.


Jacob is bright yellow and emerald green. His windows and air intake have red frames.


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