Jackman is the head emergency response engine in the Crotoonian Fire and Rescue Squad.


Fitted with a grabber claw, a compartment to carry any tool needed, and a winch for pulling things back on track, Jackman is the Chief's Engine of the Crotoonian Fire and Rescue Squad, the emergency response team of Crotoonia. Alongside Wilson, Calley, Asher, Belle, and Flynn, he leads the team to ensure the rails of Crotoonia are safe, and is always cool, calm, in control, and ready to rescue.

Technical Details


Jackman appears to be a freelance design and has no specific basis, although he does resemble to an NS Intercity Materieel power car, hence his shape.


Jackman is bright red and dark blue with white lining. He has yellow and dark blue headlights. His running board and coupling doors have red and yellow hazard stripes.


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