Ivor is a small green tank engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


A small Welsh tank engine, Ivor likes doing things that people like to do, making tea with water from his boiler, and being with his many friends. That said, he can be wilful and disobedient at times. He doesn't like timetables and, ironically for a tank engine, hates shunting. He is rarely seen without his cheerful and kind-hearted driver, Jones the Steam.

Techinal Details


Ivor appears to be a freelance design and has no actual basis. However, a Peckett saddle tank engine was rebuilt into a replica of Ivor in real life.


Ivor is painted green with yellow stripes and red wheels.


Tone 1


Tone 2


Tone 3



  • Ivor was created by Oliver Postgate and he was the main engine of his own series (Ivor the Engine) which was broadcasted in 1959 in black and white and between 1975 and 1977 in colour.
  • Ivor didn't have a face in said series and after Tillie to the Rescue, Milan Prsa decided that he would remove Ivor's face since he was always meant to be a mute character, and giving him a face essentially defeated his purpose of being such; his first appearance without a face was in Thomas the Building Engine.
  • Upon losing his face, he also regained his old railway's decals.


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