Hyp Duckychev is the owner of The Duckychev Scrapyards.


Hypithel C. Duckychev is the rude and grouchy owner of the dingy, rusty Duckychev Scrapyards, where Diesel 10 and Cerberus live. With a negative outlook on life, Hyp is a quick-to-get-rich schemer, caring little about much else but making a profit from his scrapyard business. While he does make a decent share due to providing scrap to the Bluthsburg Steelworks, he lacks much success in much else at his job; most of the scrap consists of car and engine parts, old trucks, and recyclable cans. Hyp treats others like the scrap he melts down or sells, and is exceptionally tough to get along with.




  • Hyp was originally created for his own cartoon series long before Crotoonia was made. His earliest profiles describe him as being 'a duck who spends his time hitting on ladies and being a jerk to anyone who disagrees with his opinion'.


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