Huey is a small tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


An engine built at the same works as Azul (and also a competitor in the same race that Azul won his whistle), Huey is a little older, but equally excitable about racing along the tracks. He runs along the mainline to the junction to the Logging Camp across Staller's Creek Valley (which The Greendale Rocket and Azul's branches run through) high in Cliffstone Mountains, bringing supplies and equipment to the camp, and logs to the Freight Yards and Harbours whenever the Logging Locos can't. He's not as strong as other engines along the mainline, but he still works hard, even though he'll go a little "off track" and race when offered the chance by other engines.

Technical Details


Huey is of a freelance design and therefore does not resemble a specific prototype.


Huey is painted a two-tone green livery and grey wheels.


  • Huey started off as a nameless green engine who appeared in Azul's debut episode on 'Dora the Explorer'.
  • Despite being from Mexico, Huey does not have a Spanish/Mexican name.


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