Hoot and Toot are siamese diesel-electric hybrid engines. They will appear later in Season 1.


A twin pair of goods engines on the Crotoonian Seaside Railway, Hoot (who's headstrong and bossy) and Toot (who's softer spoken, more practical, and tends to stick more to the rules) spend most time connected not only because they're siblings but they're nothing without each other. The two may get up into trouble with their bickering, but the guidance of older and more experienced engines like Duck and Yaemon can ensure that they stay really useful Chuggers. They are good friends with Piper, and they do work hard to deliver their goods...most of the time!

Technical Details


Hoot and Toot seem to be of a freelance with no specific basis although their push-pull feature is similar to many BR Second-Generation DMU's.


Hoot and Toot are painted white with cool yellow bases. Hoot's cab is painted blue, while Toot's cab is painted cyan.


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