Homestar Runner is Strong Bad's co-worker and a jack-of-all-trades worker currently living in Crotoonia.


Athletically, Homestar is extremely gifted. In terms of heart, he's got a pretty big one. In terms of brains....not so much. Homestar works odd jobs around Crotoonia alongside Strong Bad, with a new job almost every week. One week, he'll be driving an engine to work. The next, he's cleaning boiler sludge out of it. Homestar may be hopelessly clumsy and may not have a clue, but he's still earnest and means the best for everyone...even if he can get on their nerves sometimes.


Homestar used to live in Free Country, a small community somewhere in the US, with Strong Bad and Bubs.


  • Homestar originated from the Flash animated cartoon series 'Homestar Runner'. Other characters from this series include Strong Bad and Bubs.
  • Homestar's model is a rip of his model in the game series 'Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People'.

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