Harvey is a mobile crane engine from The Island of Sodor.


Out of all the engines to have come from Sodor, Harvey is certainly the most unique. This is because he has large wooden buffers and a massive crane arm mounted on his boiler. He is relentlessly cheery, big-hearted, helpful crane engine but he is sensitive about when other engines make fun of how he looks with his crane arm. However, he is very able to show that his crane is very useful when he has to be called to a wreckage and he has to lift cargo, trucks, and sometimes some smaller engines and thanks to the company of engines like Skylar, he no longer feels as much of an outcast in Crotoonia as he did on Sodor.

Technical Details


Harvey is based on Dübs Crane Engine No. 4101, nicknamed "Dubsy", built in Glasgow, Scotland. "Dubsy" is presently based at the Foxfield Railway in Blythe Bridge, Staffordshire, England.


Harvey is painted burgundy with yellow and red lining and brown, square, wooden buffers. His name is written in yellow on his sides and the number "27" is written on both sides of his crane arm in yellow.

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