Grofflen-in-winter orig

Another addition to Crotoonia's wide seaside harbours (specializing in passenger transport and export), ​the Town of Grofflen's very own harbour was opened in 1956 as an expansion for a small quayside just near The Seaside Railway and the titular hillside town. Within a year of hard work, the small yards of creaky wooden docks and rattly old equipment soon became one of Crotoonia's busiest and most thriving harbours. Under the watchful eye of the new Chief's Engine, Skipper Stu, Grofflen Harbour is kept busy with freight and passengers passing through the enormous freight yards and bustling ferry terminal! The harbour is also home to the Crotoonian Seaside Railway's roundhouse, where Ivor, Emma, Oliver, Duck, and Yaemon live. Also living here are the Grofflen Harbour engines: Harry and Hamish, Russ, and Charlie.

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