Gripper and Grabber are two construction vehicles who work for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Gripper and Grabber are the two best of friends, and among the BIGGEST machines on the whole crew; even bigger than Nelson's lowloader can carry! Both have the same frames and body and livery colors, but different arms and extra abilities; Gripper is a tracked crane with a winch on his front, while Grabber is a tracked excavator with a double-bucket shovel and a bulldozing blade on his front! They work their hardest and can get work done very fast, but sometimes come off as unfocused, mostly around new locations. But the two can work as hard (but not quite as fast) as Mary Anne, and are an invaluable team on the crew!

Technical Details


Gripper and Grabber are both of a freelance design. Therefore, they are not based of an actual desgin.


Gripper is orange with a dark green crane arm and with Grabber the colours are reversed.

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