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Grace is a crane that works on the Chipperton and Swahilli Railway.


Grace is one of the biggest pieces of equipment on the Chipperton and Swahilli Railway. A custom-built miniature rail crane, Grace is often used for construction work, track laying, demolition and mostly re-railing on the little railway, and can sometimes be seen at the Wharf shifting cargo about. Grace is friednly and eager to work, but she has a tendency to be very clumsy, which can sometimes land her into a pickle. But a little drop won't stop this mighty machine.

Technical Details


Grace is of a freelance design. She is not based on a specific prototype.


Grace's flatbed section is grey with a red buffer beam and grey wheels. Her red winch is enclosed in a gold casing with red stripes as well as hazard stripes. Her crane arm is gold with a black hook. Her cab is grey with a black roof sporting a black funnel and brass whistle. She wears black goggles with grey tinted lenses. She also has dark blue hair.




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