Georgia is a medium sized tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


A joyful, optimistic and ready-to-go steam engine, Georgia is one of Tillie's best friends from Kahlville Junction. She tries to assist as much as she can in the yard.... if her "chug-along" would let her! Unfortunately, she suffers the effects of a faulty part every once in a while, and the other engines often have to fill in for her! However, she still tries to keep positive and optimistic with every situation, and will often try to give as much advice as she can to the engine helping her out. She sometimes runs a special train called the "Birthday Train" (a special mixed train for carrying passengers, mail, and special goods) from Kahlville to Celgreb City.

Technical Details


Georgia is of a freelance design. Therefore, she doesn't seem to be based on a specific prototype.


Georgia is bright red with a yellow bonnet.



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