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George The Valiant is one of the strongest tugboats from The Big Harbour, and in Celgreb Bay Harbour.


George the Valiant is a big brother figure to the other tugs and loves to show off and can sometimes be a little rude without knowing it. He especially loves to tell stories to the other tugs, mostly about himself, and starts to sulk when attention shifts away from him. He also loves to blow up a lot of smoke from his smokestack and make a lot of loud noises revving his powerful twin engines. But most of all, George is a hard worker and never finishes a job until it's done, and always stands up for his friends. George and Emily often get into fights, but in the end, they always make up.

Technical Details


George is loosely based on Andre H. tugboat modified on a fictional design.


George is cream with a black hull, a white stack with the Big Harbour Logo and a purple baseball cap worn backwards.

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