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George is a very grumpy steamroller from The Island of Sodor.


George has a great distain for railways and wants to have them torn up to make way for roads.

Technical Details


George is based on a 1903 Aveling and Porter R10 class steamroller named "Thistledown", formerly owned by the Reverend Teddy Boston, who also owned the traction engine that Trevor is based on. Buster shares the same basis.

However, George's design more closely resembles that of an Aveling-Barford roller, as evidenced by the non-spoked wheels, smaller flywheel, and side-bunkers.


George is painted green with red lining, gold boiler bands, and black smokebox and funnel with a brass cowl. His front-forks are painted bright red and his name is painted on both sides of his boiler in white.

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