Freddie, or "Fearless Freddie" as he's sometimes called, is an old narrow gauge tank engine from The Island Of Sodor.


A daredevil in his youth, and a hero to the younger engines, Freddie is the warhorse of the Narrow Gauge Railways, with a skillful knowledge of every nook and cranny of the lines. He's not as fast as he used to be, Freddie still has plenty of charm, strength, wits, experience and game to him, and is capable of giving other engines a run for their money. He is the managing engine of a branch line up in the Cliffstone Mountains, running from the Denver Slate Quarry Junction all the way up to the Transfer Yards of the Din Y. Dee Gold Mine Company where Jason works. He serves as a goods locomotive on the line, collecting raw gold ore from the mines to be transferred into Jason's vans, and bringing goods from the Apple Acres Farm and the Old Treacle Makers to the towns on the other side of the Cliffstone region.

Technical Details


Freddie is based on the Welsh Highland Railway's Russell, regauged to 2ft 3in and with added buffers.


Freddie is painted grey with black and red lining, and has a brass dome. He has black name and number plates with gold writing.


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