Flynn is a road-rail fire engine from The Island of Sodor.


Flynn is a "really red fire engine" who fights fires and is part of the Crotoonian Fire and Rescue Squad. He has both tyres and flanged wheels, meaning that he is capable of running on roads and on rails. Flynn is fast, fearless, and ready to fight any fire. He is popular with the engines and held in high regard all over Crotoonia, but his overly-enthusiastic bravado can lead to not listening to instructions amidst his racing about and result in him making mistakes. He can also be self-conscious about maintaining his fire-fighting hero status. Nevertheless, Belle and the rest of the Crotoonia team are often there to support him and keep him on course. And, at the end of the day, Flynn always has it in him to prove that he is always ready to rescue, and is a real hero.

Technical Details


Flynn is a hybrid design based on Tatra, Oshkosh, and Latil fire rescue vehicles.


Flynn is painted red with yellow lining, with the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre emblem on his cab doors in white. In several books, he is depicted with blue wheel arches.


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