Fletch is a dark green diesel who is member of the Chuggineers.


If there's any engine that loves a digging job, it's Fletch! Fletch tends to hangout with the diggers of the Crotoonian Construction Company on a job, and sometimes gets to work with special cranes built to dig parts near the railway line the other diggers can't reach! Fletch has a dry sense of humour, a rugged approach to life, and is a proper work hog, never afraid to get himself filthy to finish a job! This is especially apparent whenever working with Tyne, where the two's friendly rivalry tend to flourish.

Technical Details


Fletch is likely to be based upon the Burlington Northern EMD SD40-2 diesel locomotives with the two yellow safety beacons instead of one.


Fletch is painted dark sea green with white stripes, red base, and an orange caution stripe between two big white caution stripes.


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