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Fausten is a city located between Bluthsburg and Kahlville.

Splatter and Dodge work at the Lower Fausten Station, and Stanley works in Upper Fausten Yards with Dunbar (where a larger passenger station resides).


Fausten, located between the Bluthsburg Steelworks and the McCrakenton Storage Yard, is a bustling mini-metropolis. With it's bicentenary celebrated in 2016, it is known as one of the oldest cities in the country. While not quite as shiny as Celgreb City or Gridinia Bay, the scruffy little city is quite prosperous and is a well-established economic producer with its many businesses and the famous Pleasure Island Brewery. Apartments are common residences in the city, and its small but proud "Fausten Hills" community tends to attract many home owners. The railway runs here, often picking up and dropping off workers that work at the Brewery and other factories (at the Lower Fausten station) along with regular passengers wishing to travel to the rest of Crotoonia (via the Upper Fausten station). The line is also home to a large goods depot known as Upper Fausten Yards, located on the mainline exit that leads to Kahlville. A roundhouse and fueling point is located here, along with the Upper Fausten Station, just outside the depot.


  • The town was named after animator Lauren Faust, who has worked on various animation projects for Cartoon Network, Sony, and Disney.


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