Farnsworth owns three coaches on the Crotoonian National for first class passenger trains. While all identical in both livery and appearance, each has a different purpose: The first is a dining carriage for passengers to eat in, the second is a sleeper carriage for people who wish to rest during trips, and the third is a lounge carriage for people to enjoy the view.

He typically pulls them along the local from Kahlville, through the mountains, to Celgreb City Central.

Technical Details


These coaches seem to strongly resemble the Ferdinand Magellan. A former pullman observation car which was used as President Rail Car US No. 1 from 1943 to 1958.


The coaches are red and blue with yellow lining and light grey roofs.


  • Like the engine that pulls them, these coaches originate from the 1991 'The Little Engine That Could' film. 
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