Emma is a small tank engine who lives at Grofflen Harbour.


The sensitive, wanderlust saddletank of the Crotoonian Seaside Railway, Emma loves telling her tales to younger engines before heading to the roundhouse for the night, and works hard on the lines. She doesn't talk much, but is almost always busy shunting or hauling passengers. She's the head shunter of Gridinia Bay Docks, the third largest harbour in Crotoonia, and is always busy with her driver, Luke, and his apprentice, Jim Button, organizing trains for the big engines and ships to take away!

Technical Details


Emma appears of a freelance design and does not resemble any specific prototype.


Emma's livery consists of a grey boiler, a green cab and bunker and red wheels.



  • Emma, along with Jim Button and Luke originated from the Jim Button books and the TV series based on the books produced by Saban Entertainment.

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