Emery is a transit chugger that works alongside Daisy and Decka on the Celgreb City Transit Railway from Chuggington.


Emery, one of the elevated tramway engines in Celgreb City, is a regular joker! He often plays jokes that can sometimes go a little bit too far when at the wrong time, like an engine's leaking fuel, or their freight cars have run away, or their missing their coaches! Emery isn't bad-natured though; when he sees one of his jokes have been taken too far, he tries his hardest to make up for it, and does prove to be a reliable friend when needed.

Technical Details


Emery is based on the Kintetsu 7000 series Japanese train.


Emery is white with a thick orange stripe through the middle of his body. He has yellow lining and doors.


  • Emery is the only character from Chuggington to have heterochromic eyes. To be more specific, one eye is green while the other is blue.


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