Elsa is ruler of Arendelle. She has a sister called Anna.


The poised, regal, and reserved ruler of Arendelle, Elsa used to fight a mighty secret: Her ability to create ice and snow. However, with the help of her optimistic sister Anna, Elsa no longer lives in fear, and now lives warm and peaceful. She cares deeply for her sister, and will go to great lengths to keep her safe. While she posses all the important knowledge of ruling a kingdom, she does have a very artistic and free spirited side to her, while still having a sense of elegance to her. She loves to use her abilities to create majestic art structures, which she often features in the annual Crotoonian WinterFest. She isn't afraid about socializing with others, and even loves to play a fun trick on others here or there! And while she is more passive than Anna, she surprisingly loves more thrilling activities than her! So if you need an example for the perfect big sister, Elsa is the one to see!

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