Dip is a dump truck who works at the Bluthsburg Steelworks. He will appear in a future project.


If Leonard is Phoebe’s counterpart to the slag yard, then Dip is the slag yard’s Ralph! An impatient, quick to get things precise dump truck, Dip is always in a hurry to get every load of slag ready for delivery.  Dip is more cautious than the reckless Max and Monty, but his downfalls comes from over-calculating everything he does! If a delivery’s a brick short, a dumper full of slag ought to do it!

Technical Details


Dip is of a freelance design. He is not based on a specifc prototype.


Dip is red with yellow lettering except for a cream face and hood and the front and roof of his cab is brown. He has a bucket and a horn on his nose which is light grey.


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