Decka is a double decker tram engine who works on the Celgreb City Transit Line with Daisy and Emery. She will appear later in Season 1.


Decka is a VERY tall double decker tram who works in the bustling Celgreb City. With a vibrant attitude and an energetic work ethic, she rides the elevated lines of the city with a big smile and a motherly attitude towards the younger engines that come to drop off deliveries every now and then. The downside she does have, however, is being a bit of a gossip; if there's exciting news in Crotoonia (sometimes meant to be kept a secret), she's the first to know!

Technical Details


Decka is of a freelance design. She is not based on a specific prototype. However, she does seem to resemble to a Blackpool double-decker tram.


Decka is painted Persimmon with a fiery lining.



  • Decka is the tallest chugger in Chuggington.

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