The Crotoonian Fire and Rescue Centre is home to the Crotoonian Fire and Rescue Squad, a team of machines and engines that take on advanced rescue operations in Crotoonia. Located between Coastview Junction and Gridinia Bay, this seaside rescue center has a large "headquarters" building with an office, a machine garage, engine/rolling stock sheds, a platform for delivering cargo, a helipad for Harold and Budgie, and a dock for Captain and Foduck.


  • Its introduction in Tillie to the Rescue was brought in very late in production. A scrapped scene involving Mr. Lazy following the crash resulted in the set being built; though only the main building/sheds and the helipad were built at the time, hence why it was only seen in a few angles in its brief scene. By Casey Jr's Mail Run, elements like a proper helipad, a cargo platform, and docks were built in.
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