The Crotoonian Construction Company is the main construction company on Crotoonia. It is run by Bob and Wendy and is formed from the "Can-Do Crew" and "The Sodor Construction Company" and Mary-Anne and Mike Mulligan. The company is based in the town of Brickerton.


Can-Do Crew

Sodor Construction Company




  • The Can do Crew originated from 'Bob the Builder' while the Sodor Construction Company originated from the failed 'Thomas and Friends' spinoff 'Jack and the Sodor Construction Company' (originally known as Jack and the Pack).
    • The latter series had several episodes focus on the SCC machines in Thomas' sixth and seventh seasons but due to the series having too many similarities to 'Bob the Builder', the series was cancelled, however Jack, Alfie, Max Monty and Oliver are still recurring characters in 'Thomas and Friends'.
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