Cliffstone-junction orig

Cliffstone is a mountain area in Crotoonia with a town, a railway junction and the HQ of the Dream Fleet Rail Co..

Cliffstone Junction

Just on the base before the mighty Cliffstone Mountains is Cliffstone Junction! This mountain town station has served as the first stop before travelling up the mountains since 1927, alongside hosting one of the loveliest cafes in all of Crotoonia: Mountain-Bottom Cafe! The junction is mostly home to passenger traffic and serves as an express stop, but there are occasions where freight is delivered for the nearby towns; in most cases, it serves as a rest stop for the other engines. This wide junction is also home to the Dream Fleet Rail Company's yards, where engines are kept and maintained when off-duty. The end of the mainline for the Crotoonian Hills Narrow Gauge Railway is not far from here either, where it branches off for a short route near Celgreb Hills.

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