Chugs is a narrow gauge tender engine working on the Crotoonian Hills Narrow Gauge Railway.


Chugs, like Tillie and Tracy, is a determined little engine, though he does tend to need a little more help than he likes to think....especially if he's got a heavy load to take uphill! As the Mail Engine for the villages along the Narrow Gauge railway, he's often equipped with his own mail wagons, which he serves as their proud owner. He does tend to stay up later, even for the Mail Company engines, which leads him to being a rather tired engine in the morning! But after a quick drink and refill of coal, Chugs will always be ready and steaming to help!

Technical Details


Chugs is not based on a specific prototype.


Chugs is orange with yellow lining and grey wheels.


First Used Last Used Whistle
Crotoonian Shoots: Hathingville at Dawn We Make A Team Together! Music Video
Crotoonian Shoots: Conifton Valley Crotoonian Shoots: Conifton Valley


  • Chugs originated from the 1977 Rankin Bass stop-motion television special The Easter Bunny is Comin' To Town.
  • Chugs is currently the only narrow gauge engine in The Railways of Crotoonia to not originate from Thomas & Friends.
  • Chugs was originally going to be standard gauge but Milan Prsa ended up going for making him narrow gauge for scaling purposes.
  • Chugs is the only narrow gauge engine owned by the Fantasyland and Fairytale Railway Traction Company Limited.


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