Chuggington is a city where plenty of Crotoonia's engines originated. Like a majority of the Fantasyland and Fairytale Railway Traction Company Limited and the Dream Fleet Rail Co., Chuggington's engines run independent of drivers. Engines that come from here are affectionately known as 'Chuggers'.



  • Action Chugger, Frostini, Payce, Daley, Sid, Soo, Cannonball Cooper, Sally, Samuel, Rosa and Tai are the only chuggers who will be absent in The Railways of Crotoonia.
    • Milan Prsa, the creator of the series, has confirmed that Action Chugger, Payce and Daley will not appear in The Railways of Crotoonia. The reason for Payce is because she might have some opportunity, and the reason for Daley is because "he looks like a modified version of Payce".
      • Action Chugger received a mention in the Crotoonian Conversations episode "Spoiler Alert", and may possibly cameo in the future.

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