Chessy Livi is the fourth episode of Railside Tales.


Livi, a "bossy-boiler" tank engine who lives in the McCrackenton Freight Depot, prefers to have her own way when it comes to what goes into her yard! When her manager agrees to a dairy storage contract, will her silly attempt to keep them out leads to disaster?



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    Draft Script snippet

    The writing style of this episode was inspired by season 7 of 'Thomas and Friends'.
  • Originally the firelight's scene was going to be longer, but due to slowing the pacing of the episode a lot, and making the episode exceed the average episode runtime, it had to be cut.
  • The episode's soundtrack is composed by AngryBirdFan98 and Gapp.
  • Unlike previous episodes, this episode's ending theme is a mashup of three versions of the 'Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends' theme. The original, the Sirens Big Band cover as heard in the rest of the episodes, and the BBC Concert Orchestra cover as heard on BBC Proms.


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