Chatsworth is a freight diesel originating from Chuggington. He was first mentioned in Tillie to the Rescue and will appear later in Season 1.


Chatsworth, a freight locomotive, is what many would conisder a very proper engine. With his sleek white coat and streamlined body, he ensures the goods work is done on time and in tip-top condition. He's a very friendly diesel with a high-energy attitude, a dry sense of humour, and an honest and good-mannered attitude. He can be very worrisome about his condition and he does like to kept in perfect working order, but he doesn't mind handling the rougher work around the rail yard. He's often seen working with his best friend Harrison, and often serves his voice of reason when the boastful mixed-traffic diesel gets too puffed up in his vents!

Technical Details


He is based on a Baldwin Sharknose Locomotive, Baldwin RF-16. Farnsworth also shares this basis.


Charsworth is painted white, with red and silver linings.


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