Casey Jr. is a small tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


A circus locomotive hailing from Florida, Casey Jr is the wise-cracker of the True Blue Steam Team. As someone with plenty of experience on the rails, Casey Jr maintains a laid-back attitude with his fellow Crotoonians, though inner fears do peer out every now and then. He's a good friend to his fellow engines, and is never afraid to pay a big engine out for messing with his friends. Helpful, wisecracking, but self-aware, that's Casey Jr!

Technical Details


Casey Jr. is based on the Nevada Central No. 2, albeit with its 2-6-0 wheel arrangement replaced with a 2-4-0 wheel arrangement. This particular locomotive was owned by Disney animator, Ward Kimball, and his wife, Betty, for their backyard railroad called for the Grizzly Flats Railroad. It is now on static display at the Orange Empire Railway Museum.


Casey Jr is painted navy blue with a red cab, a red headlamp and yellow lining.


  • He originates from the Disney movie, Dumbo.


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