Cardean is a massive Scottish-American express engine. He will be introduced in Passenger Problem.


Scotland-designed and American-built, Cardean is a mighty new steam engine brought on to help out with traffic between Crotoonia and the US. Built to be big and powerful, he's a rough and friendly engine, with a big and boisterous attitude. Despite his braggart attitude and readiness to jump into anything, he cares deeply for his new friends on Crotoonia, and will put his mighty strengths to the test to help them!

Technical Details


Cardean is a US-built replica of the Caledonian-Railway-McIntosh-49-Class-4-6-0.


Cardean is CR Blue with black and white lining. He has a red running board with white lining.


  • An early promo shows him with Stepney's face from the model series of 'Thomas and Friends'.

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