Buster is a steamroller who works for The Crotoonian Construction Co.


Buster is a steamroller, a little like Roley, but with steam power as opposed to diesel power. The two share the same basic job though: to keep things from foundations to roadways flat! He has an admirable amount of enthusiasm about his work, always giving it his all whenever assigned a job! He's a very optimistic machine as well, often known for being a great dreamer. What he lacks in speed and imagination, he makes up for his commitment, heart, helpfulness, and pride!

Technical Details


Buster is based on an Aveling and Porter R10 class steamroller. George is another member of this class.


Buster is painted brownish-red with yellow, orange and red lining. The words "SODOR CONSTRUCTION Co." are painted on the sides of his roof in yellow.


First used Last used Sound Effect
Brewster's Ballast Active


  • In Jack and the Sodor Construction Company, the series that Buster originates from, Buster originally had no number. In Crotoonia, he’s numbered “24”.

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