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Brickerton is the town where the Crotoonian Construction Company is based.


Located between Cliffstone Centre Quarry and the Bluthsburg Steelworks, it got its start as the base of a large and bustling brick factory, eventually bringing forth a new community of settlers to the unique valley. While the Brickworks itself now stands as a museum (the main headquarters moved to a more expansive facility closer to the clay deposits of Cliffstone Centre Quarry, the town had grown enough by 1998 to be self-sustaining.

The town itself consists of many small houses, inns, apartments, and small shops (such as bakeries, variety stores, candy shops, and juice bars). The centerpiece of the town is a tall and elegant clock tower, completed on December 3rd, 1963; it is the pride and joy of the town, and is kept in tip-top condition by Bob, Wendy, and their team.

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