Bonnie is a small tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


Head engine (and only engine) of the Toon Train Branch from the town of Inkblotia to the Gridinian Beaches, Bonnie is sort of an "every engine" with her special set of rolling stock. One minute she's the milk train between the villages, the next, she's taking carriages to the Inkblotia Castle grounds, the next she's at the coaling plant with Logan and Bertram, the list goes on. Bonnie, like Tootle, is still rather new, but she loves running her little line, passing by the big watermill and pulling her little trains along the line. She often stops along the Seaside Branch to help out from time to time, and she's best friends with Oliver and Duck, who loves learning about their GWR days...even if she's quite the motor mouth!

Technical Details


Bonnie seems to be of a freelance design. Therefore, she does not appear to be based on a specific prototype. However, she does share a wheel arrangement with GWR tender engines from the late 1800's.


Bonnie is painted in pine green with beige lining and red buffers and cylinders. Her front wheels are pine green and grey while her tender wheels are pink and grey.



  • Bonnie was originally a faceless model by Mr Sparky of the 3D modelling site 'Posedirect'.
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