Billy is a trawler who has made a few cameos in the series, his main role has yet to be determined.


A Crotoonian-built replica of the only steam driven fishing trawler in Halifax Harbour's fishing fleet, Billy works hard along the coast of Celgreb collecting fish for the villages and mainland. He's friendly, assertive, and always busy! He sometimes needs the help of Theodore and Ten Cents to get through the day, but he's usually confident with the work he does, and will sometimes offer to help the other tugs with any help around the habour. He's as tough as a tug, but his heart is as great as a whale! He usually works at the main canals of Celgreb Harbour, Celgreb Port Station, and the B.U.R. Industries, though the latter he likes visiting least due to the people that work there.

Crotoonia's Waterways

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